The College Football Semi-Finals –the fifth year of the College Football Playoffs are set for
Saturday, December 29 th with #2 Clemson vs. #3 Notre Dame at 3pm in Arlington, Texas at AT&T
stadium Followed by the “Prime Time” game at 7pm from the Orange Bowl in Miami Gardens,
Florida with reigning National Champion #1 ranked Alabama vs #4 Oklahoma art 7pm.

Both games are exclusively on ESPN and boy did they pay for those “Exclusive Rights”. The 12 year
contract that started in 2014 was for $5.64 BILLION dollars. That’s billion with a “B”. That breaks
down to annual payments to the College Football Playoffs of $470-million per season!

But now there is growing momentum to not wait until this current four-team playoffs format ends
in 2026. Now the push is on to expand to an eight-team playoff. Two things – the Big 10 and Pac 12
are sick of there Champions being left out of the “Final Four” and, all of college football is sick of an
Alabama vs. Clemson Finals—not to mention multiple SEC teams that keep making the playoffs.

Two models are out there. Take the Power 5 Conference Champions –Big 12, Big 10, SEC
(Southeastern Conference) , Pac 12 and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Add one group of five
champion, like Tulsa’s American Athletic Conference that this year would have been unbeaten 12-0
Central Florida, and two at-large teams.


The other model for an 8-team playoff is just take the top eight ranked teams in the final
College Football Playoffs poll. This year that would have added Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan and
Central Florida to the four that are in –Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma.

And why would the expansion from 4 to 8 teams in the playoffs occur and maybe before the
current contract ends in 2026 is simple –MONEY. It is estimated the 8 team playoff would generate
revenues of $10-Billion dollars or about double the current ESPN contract! Yes, it’s all about the