“Transfer Portal” –it is the first step for any athlete who wishes to transfer to another
school without having to get permission from his current school – in other words college free agency.
It was just instituted as a new rule by the NCAA last year, in 2018.

Once an athlete decides to transfer he is added to a national database and then may be contacted by any coach.

Now in 2019 the big names in the Transfer Portal include Alabama’s backup quarterback,
Jalen Hurts who reportedly has visited OU. Former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant has already transferred to
Missouri; Georgia’s Justin Fields is now at Ohio State ; the buckeyes backup-QB, Tate Martell is now in
the Portal and for the first time a Sooner is in the Transfer Portal –QB Austin Kendall thought to be the
top candidate at OU to be this fall’s starting quarterback.

Transfer rules still require players to sit out a full academic year before they can play for
their new team but players can sign waivers to try and play immediately –Austin Kendall qualifies as a
graduate student having already received his OU degree and still with two years of eligibility. Alabama’s
Hurts is also an immediate qualifier with one year of eligibility.
OU is the prime example of the impact transfer players can have –as in the last two Heisman
Trophy winning quarterbacks – Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.