Do you know who the big winner was of Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium? The fans. That’s right the fans and congratulations to Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank who decided to make his futuristic stadiums concession prices throw back prices. The co-founder of Home Depot calls it “Fan First Menu Pricing” cutting his food and beverage prices by 50%.

Listen to some of these prices –$2.00 for a refillable soda cup –$2.00 for bottled water—$2.00 for hotdogs, popcorn and pretzels –$3.00 for nachos with cheese and waffle fries. $5.00 for a beer or a cheeseburger! $6.00 for the chicken tender and fries basket! And guess what? Even with the 50% price cuts profits were up 16% in higher volume sales.

In contrast this past season’s the average NFL stadium beer price was over $8.00 and some teams, like the Oakland Raiders were charging up to $20.00 for a single beer and over $6.00 for a hot dog.

And the good news is that over 15 professional and college teams have followed suit with those 50% concession price cuts including the recent College Football Playoffs title game and those reduced prices will also be at the Final Four.

The big loser from a money standpoint at the Super Bowl stadium had to be Chick-Fil-A. All of their concession stands were closed on Sunday as they are across the nation.

A company policy since 1946 allowing its employees to “set aside one day to rest and worship if they choose and Super Bowl 53 didn’t change that.” AMEN!