First I want to start by apologizing to my son Todd.
“I’m sorry I kept on you about wasting your time and talents playing
all those “stupid” video games!”

I say that after watching Kyle Gears-Dorf , a 16-year-old junior in
high school, winning first prize in the Fortnite World Cup E-Sports
First prize was $3-million dollars – that’s right $3-million dollars
–playing a video game!

This E-Sports event attracted over four million players worldwide
with 100 gamers making it to the finals to play at Arthur Ashe stadium in
New York –home of the U.S. Open tennis championships. That’s where a
crowd of over 10,000 sat for four hours watching these gamers playing
Fortnite and millions more following live on a world-wide feed.
It’s now time to take this E-Sports seriously. Revenues this year are
expected to exceed $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS . That’s up 27% over last year!
And now several colleges, including Rogers State in Claremore, now offer an
E-Sports study program.

Kyle said he practices his video games six hours a day and the $3
million dollar payoff is a reminder to all us parents to encourage your
young gamers while I again apologize to my son!

-Chris Lincoln