Becky and I had our alarm set this past Saturday morning for 5:30am. Who gets up at that time on the weekend? Unfortunately it has become routine for those thousands or probably tens-of-thousands of Oklahoma Sooner fans who live on the Eastern side of the state.

Figure a drive of two-and-a-half to even three hours to get across the state through the never ending construction around Oklahoma City — weaving through the streets of Norman – finding parking and getting into the stadium before the Pride takes the field for its pre-game performance.

Before last Saturday’s 11am kick-off against West Virginia the University of Oklahoma’s Vice President and Director of Athletics released this statement about the fourth straight 11am start

“Appreciate our fans adjusting for another 11 a.m., game,” Castiglione said.

“Although it’s not always readily apparent, we vigorously push for other times, like we did for our opener. Obviously, the national TV exposure is important but we also fully understand the impact on you. We will continue to explore ways to better serve you.”

Thanks, Joe. And oh, by the way, the kick-off time Saturday’s OU game at Kansas State is – you guessed it 11am –a 5th straight AM Kick-off. BOOMER!