I am applying for the Head Football Coaching jobs at Florida State
University and the University of Arkansas. Get hired. Do a bad job and get
fired and be paid millions of dollars to leave!

At FSU Willie Taggart coached for two seasons with a number of
embarrassing defeats so they Fired him with three games left in the
season but he leaves with an $18-million dollar buyout. But wait that’s not
the entire story. Florida State had already paid the University of Oregon $3-
milion to end his contract with the Ducks and somehow some fool in
Tallahassee had also agreed to pay out and additional $1.3 million that
Oregon still owed South Florida when they hire him away from the school
in 2016. That totals over $20-million.

Now the University of Arkansas fired its head coach Chad Morris this
week after he coached the Razorbacks to an 4-18 season in two years and
was 0 for the SEC. Never won a conference game. And for that effort Chad
leaves Hog Country with $10-million!

Come on! Are you serious. A university should immediately
terminates it Athletic Director – President and have Board of Regents that
write such contracts!

In the mean time I think I could do just as good a job and I would have
enough class to leave quietly and with just a few MILLION!